Gerador de Reefer

The diesel reefer generator set is used to provide electricity for refrigerated containers which is an important addition to your refrigerated container. A clip on generator is able to run a container for up to 5 days without the need to refill fuel include clip on Gerador diesel móvel , underslung generator, side mounted generator. Kingway Gerador diesel de Gato set is designed to provide highly reliable unattended continuous operation for all refrigerated ocean going container units in both over-the-road and rail transport modes. Built to last, Kingway uses only the highest quality materials in the production of its Gerador de Ing sets, to make sure high quality, it will be strictly tested before ex-factory, Kingway Gerador de diesel marinho are designed to mount to a variety of ISO container chassis, and are shipped complete and Gerador silencioso ready to operate.