Motor diesel e Bomba de água

The Kingway hydraulic starting motor, mainly work on single cylinder diesel engine, 4 cylinder diesel engine, 6 cylinder diesel engine, 8 cylinder diesel engine, high pressure water pump, Self-priming centrifugal pump, enclosed and fixed type diesel water pump. We are a gas generator and water pump manufacturer and supplier. Our high performance zone 2 air compressor improves water pump efficiency and reduces power consumption. Produced with independent intellectual property rights of new power consumption components, with high power density, no red heat phenomenon, overheating automatic protection function, no overheating of AC alternator and burning damage will occur when the fan does not rotate, and the safety life is long; the whole lighting tower modular design, simple operation and easy maintenance; can test voltage, current and other parameters according to customer requirements, providing a scientific detection method for diesel water pump and high-power AC power supply equipment.

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