Banco de carga residual

Resistive load bank is used to simulate an electrical load, to test an electric power source without connecting it to its normal operating load. During testing, adjustment, calibration, or verification procedures, a load bank is connected to the output of a power source, such as an electric generator, zone 2 air compressor, servo amplifier or photovoltaic system, in place of its usual load. Kingway load bank are designed for both portable and permanently installed 3 phase gas generator and can confidently withstand everyday use in a demanding industrial or rental environment, testing range 10-5000KW. The resistance load box is mainly used for the performance detection and aging of online high-power AC alternator, inverter, switching power supply and diesel generator set of electric power, telecommunications and lighting towers. Uniform segmented power input, energy-consuming working mode, forced air-cooled heat dissipation, which greatly guarantees the reliability of constant power discharge; diesel water pump components use dry resistance, forced air-cooled heat dissipation.