Equipamento ZONE 2

Explosion proof air compressor like zone 2 air compressor works in potentially explosive environment. (Eg: flammable gas, dust environment, oil refining, petrochemical plant, gas station, gas station, etc.), a mixture of flammable substances of gas, steam, or mist and air in the atmosphere of explosive gas environment, such as 3 phase gas generator After ignition, the combustion will spread throughout the environment of the unburned mixture. (Eg: CH4, C2H2, C2H4, NH3, CO, C2H5OH and other explosion-proof electrical equipment). As we all know, flammable gas or a mixture of steam and air will be ignited when AC alternator encounters sparks, arcs or dangerous high temperatures, and will form a fire or explosion on lighting tower. Petrochemical and chemical companies often have to process and process flammable liquids or gases of resistive load bank. A considerable number of raw materials in the petrochemical industry are flammable. For example, oil, natural gas, and nitrogen in common raw materials are flammable substances; semi-finished products Most of the alkane and hydrocarbon compounds are flammable substances; gasoline and diesel in finished products are also flammable substances. These flammable substances will inevitably overflow or emerge from pipes, reactors and diesel water pump during processing and storage. They will form explosive mixtures when mixed with oxygen in the air. Explosions form, so explosion-proof equipment is particularly important.